Special Nights / Events

Special Events

Brand Takeovers

Experience different tastings from the same brand at each stop
ie. doing a different beer (tap takeover) at each stop; all from the same brewery

Singles Edition

Opportunity for single people and solo diners to mix and mingle

‘Poker Run’

Teaming up with a charity, adding a level of chance and gaming to the night
Win prizes by completing the best poker hand, receiving cards at each stop

Supper Safari

When the progressive dinner meets a murder mystery and an escape room
Where the next stop location is unknown, and
the participants must decipher a clue before moving on

School or Team Fundraisers

Donating a percentage of the proceeds towards the partnering school or team

Mommy Night

Special night geared towards wine & mom’s getting together without their kids

Cafes Only

Open and airy, small plates, teas, coffees, and pastries

Team-ups with Charity

Connecting with good, local charities, donating proceeds to help make a difference

Dessert First

Start with the dessert stop first, then continue the journey as normal


Teaming up with local glass blowers, product distributors and dispensaries
Receive a special gift bag of 420 accessories

Dine with… edition

Dine with local: Politicians, Athletic Team Members, Movers & Shakers
Donating proceeds to the ‘Dine with…” persons choice charity or as a donation to their program

“Dessert” only

Every stop creating a special dish based sweet flavors and plays off traditional favorite desserts
Each stop is giving you sweet, dessert-like offerings while holding true to the spirit of the course


Halloween Day

Thursday, Oct. 31st
$250 per couple/pair